19 February 2017

After a long hiatus. Update! CC chapter 16 part A

Been busy last few weeks because of finals and homework and such. and then I got too stressed out to resume translating so I took a rest for a while... but it gone too far... sorry for the wait here is another update.

well, found someone to help me rework my site so update will be delayed for some while as I will work over the new site concept.

here is the update btw

CC Ch 16 Part AAdfly


28 January 2017

Update! YGDA Ch 59. Will Duo Loli Combi Born?

Here the links

YGDA 59Adfly


24 January 2017

Update! CC chapter 15 last part

here you go~

CC Ch 15CAdfly


Can anyone help me get some motivation?

Ah, wish me luck guys. 3 rounds of mediation and it's been a rough going in the court for awhile. We got someone who knows about the law of working off country so we might be able to go smoother from now.
My dad seems to be going to the psychiatrist because this whole thing just stressed him soo much.

the one time I tried to help, I failed big time.

19 January 2017

Update from the gods! YGDA 58

Sorry for the wait readers, like I said before my sleeping habit is a wreck right now and been suffering from headaches all day long. but I'm fine now. heck if not this would still be delayed.

Anyway here is the latest chapter!

YGDA 58Adfly

My lawsuit problem is still a hard nut to crack. Wish me luck please.
Anyway, enjoy!

I really want to work on this novel next but seems like the competition for it would be fierce.

12 January 2017

Update! CC chapter 15 part B, Training with the Holy Knight

Sorry for the late update, I could finish this yesterday but, my sleeping habit is a total wreck nowadays. I just feel sleepy all day long.

and there's also still the trouble with my case with that company who sent me to work in Japan before. Yes, it still hasn't cleared yet. But at least, my dad finally succeeded in bringing that baldie to the court. Well, it is still only for mediation first but it is a good one step forward anyway.

ah well, my problem is not the important one, this link below is the important one!

CC Ch 15 Part BAdfly

Hope you enjoy that!

YGDA will be updated if not at the end of the day, or tomorrow.

If you like my work or want me to keep working fast like this then please donate *wink

09 January 2017

Update that I should've done last week CC chapter 15 Part A

Update guys. here

CC 15AAdfly


Don't have too many thing to say as it was 4 am in the morning here and I am sleepy.