23 October 2016

Announcement - Busy IRL

like the title says. Is busy lately and no time translating orz

been working to get more money to pay my college (yes, I am continuing my study again)

so yeah.. if I got the time I'll translate some. or if anyone willing to help me pays my college tuition...

16 October 2016

CC Chapter 11.5 Part B Update!!

Update Coming!

CC Chapter 11.5 BAdfly

this chapter is short as I cut most of this 11.5 chapter in the part A. well Enjoy.

12 October 2016


New chapter Update!

YGDA Chapter 50Adfly

I noticed some error when I tried the link for chapter 49. it can be solved with using your local .co.xx

argh maybe I'd just rather start a new blog rather than trying to repair this.

already done since yesterday but there are some problem for uploading so I got delayed.

next is CC like usual.

06 October 2016

YGDA Chapter 50 Teaser

Not an update. just a teaser for the next chapter. been raining a lot here and is sick. yesterday got some good rest but still not feeling good. cross your finger for updates today.

05 October 2016

CC Ch 11.5 part A UPDATE!

Communicationally Challenged is Updated!

Chapter 11.5 AAdfly


is down with the flu. expect YGDA to get delayed.


After reading Zhan Long then reads I am a Superstar is a mistake (?)

In Zhan Long, the little missy IGN is Cang Tong while Superstar teach me about a "certain actress" Chinese name, Cang Jingkong...

well it was not that close but it made me 'imagine' Cang Tong as that Jingkong......

made me got some pavlov reaction over there......


I should rest now. night everyone.

02 October 2016

Update! YGDA Ch 49


Had done since yesterday but laptop just went and going uncooperative so bought a new laptop to work now. expect a faster updates.

Ch 49Adfly

Well, I hope the donation got in faster too haha.

well anyway. enjoy!

29 September 2016

CC chapter 11 side B Update!

New chapter update!

Chapter 11 BAdfly


this chapter is short. 2 parts is already enough to cover them all.

btw: I don't have a stable internet connection nowadays (again) so I can't update the TOC and add navigaton to the chapter (previous chapter and next) I even haven't touch the edited version that my editor do. orz.

so well.. sorry for not giving you readers my best service.

ah and please some donations. really need money nowadays so gonna increase my update frequency.