22 November 2017

Been lost.. and is still lost..

Probably will take a while for me to tackle all this troubling thought in my heart so the translation would probably not continue until I could clear all this shit.

sorry for those who are waiting but I just can't move on for now.

15 September 2017

At least I tried walking forward a bit. YGDA ch 71 Update!



Don't have anything to say but the game that I used to play (still playing even now tho) Goddess Kiss, will be having its X-rated version created by Dmm company. here's the link:



07 September 2017

Stressed out from Final Project. But still Update. CC 19C

Well my mood is constantly bad nowadays. I dunno why maybe a trauma for my past college life? but anyway meet a few hurdles in working on my Final Project. which mostly comes from myself...


and then feeling the hate to myself, procrastinate again, hating myself again, procrastinate again...

such vicious evil cycle...

been thinking about this lately:

"Where are the reset button?"

anyway. here is the update. ignore my rant.

CC 19C

BTW. is now playing girls frontline. playing on digital sky server 3 ID 667027
add me.

22 August 2017

Update At last. YGDA 70. but...

Anyway here's the update first.


Anyway I will become busier in RL. doing my final project or thesis or what its name. Its starting for real baby.

gotta fulfil my ma and pa's wish.

but will still try spend time here too.

17 August 2017

Got food poisoning.

readers that is waiting for my update...

just got food poisoning a while back... and was not in a good condition. but is already recovering. update soon maybe?

sorry for the long wait

28 July 2017

Update! CC Ch 19 Part B

Update guys!
Got another donor this update.
Thank you!

I tried to do this one faster but,,, for some reason, I always feel sleepy all day round... I become like a bear going onto hibernation... what happened really?

anyway here's the update!

CC 19B


Some tip please~~~

Btw, about the original novel I talk about before... damn I tried making it but it was too all over the places. the concept, plot, and anything else is already on my head but to write it down is hard lol. I am getting too used to following the story in translation process...

23 July 2017

Updates! YGDA Ch 69 and I got a part time job!

Here another updates coming. damn I'm slow. 4/5 days in average for each updates. well, doing my best fighting procastinating too after all. praise me~~

here's the updates!

YGDA 69 69 69 69 69

and I got a part time job. I need more money after all. and my part time job is a Go-Jek driver. just like Uber but I use motorcycle instead. well, I can drive around for 3-5 hours then do translation in between so updates will still be slow (hope not get slower) so yeah. wish me luck!

BTW. my friend is all talking about this eroge. most of the characters are a parody from other titles! well some had their hair color changed and get a BIGGER bust size except some flat characters......

I mean... are there any real V-cup woman!? damn it's just too big it disgust moi......

I lied........